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Jay Tyree
Jay Tyree 5.0

Clayton was awesome! He took care of our problem, explained it to us and went on his way. We were very thankful for Apollo’s prompt service.

Bev summers
Bev summers 5.0
Unclematter43 4.0

Mr. Watts was quick and efficient, replacing the defective part. We discussed the extensive problems with my furnace, and he seemed knowledgeable about the repairs. He has a very pleasant demeanor, and I would be satisfied to have him return to perform ...further repairs.Read More...

Robert Woods
Robert Woods 5.0
The Kids Dot Spot
The Kids Dot Spot 5.0

First things first, Dealt with 6 people beginning to end: 1)The lady who scheduled me, brandy-nice. 2)Kylie came to fix my heat-dope and has a super cool car. Like definitely ask him about it- and his '63. 3)Connie scheduled me to get a new furnace ...estimate. 4)Ralph was the sales guy and check what new furnace I would need(mine was old and kept breaking) SUPER DOPE- great convo. Reminds me of fix-it Felix. Would love to talk to him any time 5 5)Billy came to Install the new furnace with his coworker. Billy is really nice and honestly doesn't look like he puts up a front for the job. Like he seems like he'd be cool to hang with, like genuinely cool 6)Next person should be coming out to check Billy's work. There slogan is right... they are nice ppl. The work is expensive, honestly, but its worth the peace of mind. I've gone with 3 other companies in the last 4 years (2 this year alone-plus a freelancer) and I like Apollo. It just seems more thorough. And I like the 10 year Warranty I got on the new furnace. And the furnace is smaller than my old one so takes less space. I don't like to finance but I did finance this 8k purchase. It's terms are throughout the warranty at 6.99%(pay it off early to avoid interest charges). I got a wifi thermostat and a cool electriconic filter-with a year supply of filter changes included. Plus a few other things i can't remember. I would suggest them for thoroughness and peace of mind. Im cheap so, the price is killing me; but it's all cool. The financing really helped. I would not suggest this company because by the time they leave, you feel like your losing a friend - shout out to Betty white, RIP. thank you for being a friend and stay golden. 🎤Read More...

gloria kelley
gloria kelley 5.0
Meghan Hallaj
Meghan Hallaj 5.0
Justin Sprinkle
Justin Sprinkle 5.0
Christopher McIlnay
Christopher McIlnay 5.0
Ken Zufall
Ken Zufall 5.0
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