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Plumbing Installation

Plumbing Installation
in Akron & Northeast Ohio

Homeowners often underestimate the importance of plumbing until they encounter a problem. Whether constructing a new home or updating an existing one, a proper plumbing installation is crucial to your home life. If you’re based in or around Akron, OH, and are looking for reliable plumbing services, Apollo Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has got you covered!

Understanding The Importance of Proper Plumbing

A good plumbing system goes beyond just functionality. It ensures that the water you use daily is safe. Furthermore, a properly installed system minimizes the risks of issues like gas leaks from gas lines or water damage due to pipe leaks. This is why relying on a professional plumber becomes crucial.

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Parts of a Plumbing System

  1. Water Lines: These are the primary conduits for delivering water throughout a home or building. They originate from the municipality or a well system.

  2. Piping: A vast network that spans the property, ensuring water reaches every required endpoint, be it for consumption or waste removal.

  3. Connections: Joints, valves, and couplings that secure different parts of the plumbing system together, ensuring seamless operation.

  4. Appliances: Devices such as dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators that require a direct connection to the plumbing system to function.

  5. Drains: Essential for wastewater removal; found in sinks, showers, and other fixtures, directing waste to sewage or septic systems.

  6. Fixtures: Elements such as sinks, toilets, and bathtubs that are directly connected to the plumbing system and serve specific functions in the home.

  7. Water Main: The primary artery that brings water into a property from the municipal source or a well system.

  8. Water Heaters: Devices that heat water for domestic use, providing warm water to showers, sinks, and certain appliances.

  9. Sump Pump: Installed in basements or crawl spaces, these pumps prevent water accumulation by redirecting excess water away from the property.

  10. Gas Line: While not water-related, this crucial component provides gas to appliances like stoves, ovens, and certain types of water heaters.

  11. Water Filtration: Systems designed to filter out contaminants, ensuring clean, safe water for consumption and use.

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Get 1/2 Off a Tankless Water Heater Or A Free Standard 40gal. Water Heater With The Installation of Select Full New Systems.

Cannot combine with any other offers of discounts.

Valid till: May 31st, 2024

Tom N.
Tom N.
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Very professional young men with a great work ethic. I loved they were personable and knowledgeable. Tyler,Matthew and Joseph preformed an excellent job, thank you gentlemen.
Corey C.
Corey C.
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Apollo came highly recommended and I completely understand why! The entire experience from the initial conversation to installation was great. Ralph did a great job explaining all the details in a way I understood (newbie homeowner here) and the entire service team (Joseph, Todd, & Richard) were promptly on-time, courteous and friendly, and did a great job getting our home back up and running with heat and A/C. Very happy customer!
Amy H..
Amy H..
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Thanks Shawn so much for your help! You did a great job with making sure our warranty was established and all our needs met! He was very professional and took his time explaining the diagnoses as well as any future needs or concerns. Thank you so much Apollo for your outstanding team member!
Geoff B.
Geoff B.
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We recently moved in to the area. We called Apollo for routine maintenance with the idea of looking to replace an old furnace in the future. Jon the maintenance technician was very thorough and explained everything. We found out they had a decent deal on new furnace so we had a new carrier furnace installed a few days later. Also new water heater and thermostat. That crew (Tyler, Todd, Joseph and Austin) we're all excellent. Recommend Apollo.
Justin F..
Justin F..
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AMAZING service! From calling with general questions, to the Technician walking through the diagnosis step by step and laying out the options. Everything was handled professionally and will be using their services well into the future! Benjamin was super insightful and really took the time to diagnosis our house HVAC and solved the issue.

Renovate Your
Bathroom or Kitchen

A renovated bathroom or kitchen doesn’t just boost your home’s value; it enhances your living experience. Imagine having a new toilet that conserves water or a new sink that complements your countertop perfectly. These enhancements require expertise in plumbing installation, ensuring everything from supply lines to vent lines is set up flawlessly.

Kitchen or Bathroom Installers

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can give a fresh look to your space. They’re not just about the aesthetics, though. These projects often require new sinks, new toilets, and other fixture replacements. Choosing a professional to install these fixtures can make all the difference. After all, the last thing you want after investing in a sleek new sink is a leaky faucet or low water pressure.

Why Choose Apollo Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing

  1. Experienced Professionals: Our team consists of skilled plumbers proficient in handling both new construction plumbing and renovations in existing houses.

  2. Advanced Equipment: We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the plumbing system in your home is modern, efficient, and long-lasting.

  3. Assured Quality: All our installations, be it copper pipe fittings or PEX tubing, are done with utmost precision to avoid any future issues like water damage or leaks.

Exploring Modern Plumbing Options

With advancements in plumbing, homeowners now have a myriad of options. From copper supply lines known for durability to PEX tubing that’s resistant to scale and chlorine, you have choices that cater to durability, safety, and aesthetics.

When Should You Consider Fixture Replacement

  1. Signs of Wear and Tear: Visible damage or changes in performance can indicate that a fixture has reached the end of its lifespan.

  2. Frequent Leaks: If you’re constantly dealing with leaks, especially from sinks or toilets, it’s time to consider a replacement.

  3. Decreased Efficiency: A toilet that runs constantly or a sink that doesn’t drain quickly can be signs of larger issues.

  4. Aesthetic Upgrades: If you’re renovating your space and want fixtures that match the new design, it’s a good time to replace them.

  5. Advanced Features: Upgrading to fixtures with modern features like water-saving technology can be both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

  6. Consistent Repairs: If you find yourself frequently calling a plumber for repairs, it might be more cost-efficient to replace the fixture entirely.

Maintenance and Care

Once your plumbing system is installed, regular maintenance becomes vital. This includes checking for any potential water damage, ensuring water pressure is consistent, and checking appliances connected to the system. By maintaining your system, you ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

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Apollo's Commitment
to Quality

At Apollo Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, our commitment is to deliver unparalleled quality. We understand the nuances of plumbing installation and ensure that every pipe, drain, and fixture is installed with precision. Whether you’re constructing a new home or updating an existing one, our team is equipped to handle all your plumbing needs.

Apollo Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing extends its plumbing installation services to various regions, including:

  • Akron
  • Cuyahoga Falls
  • Hartville
  • Hudson
  • Kent
  • Ravenna
  • Rootstown
  • Stow
  • Streetsboro
  • Tallmadge
If you’re considering a bathroom or kitchen renovation or need any plumbing installation, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team at Apollo Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is always ready to provide expert advice, and with our comprehensive services, you can ensure that your home’s plumbing is in the best hands.

A professional plumber like the ones at Apollo Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has the experience, knowledge, and tools to ensure that plumbing installations and repairs are done correctly and safely. DIY mistakes can lead to costly damages like leaks or system malfunctions.

Vent pipes allow sewer gasses to escape outside, ensuring that waste flows smoothly through your plumbing system. Without proper venting, you could face slow drainage and unpleasant odors.

It’s advisable to check your water heater at least once a year for signs of wear, leaks, or inefficiency. Regular maintenance can prolong its lifespan and ensure efficient operation.

Not necessarily. The need to replace plumbing depends on the nature and extent of the problem. It could be an isolated issue or something that affects the entire system. A thorough inspection by a professional plumber can give you clarity.
Copper has been a popular choice due to its durability, resistance to corrosion, and heat conductivity. However, other materials like PEX or PVC may be suitable depending on the application and local building codes.

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