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Thermostat Installation

Thermostat Installation & Replacement
in Akron & Northeast Ohio

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When you need Thermostat Services, trust your local experts at Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing. We keep our promises to you by sending our professional, insured, licensed and certified experts to you. Our experts have the skills, knowledge, and tools to fix most Thermostat problems on the spot – quickly and correctly.

When your Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing technician arrives at your home they will explain all of your options before starting repairs so you can make informed decisions before any work begins. We provide Thermostat services and repairs on most brands of equipment, regardless of age, so you can trust us to perform a professional Thermostat job. See what our local Akron, OH customers are saying, read our Customer Reviews & Testimonials. Call us today at (330) 642-3837 for service including after hours and for emergency services.

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Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing is Proudly & Professionally Offering Thermostat Services in the Akron, Ohio area.
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Wondering What a Home Energy-Efficient Smart Thermostat Installation Costs in Akron, Ohio?
Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing Will Make Sure You Know!

Premier Smart Thermostat Installation Services Near You in the Akron, OH Area

Smart Thermostats are an innovative new technology that more and more Akron, OH homeowners are utilizing. Smart Thermostats allow you to save money, increase energy efficiency, and control your heating and cooling system from your phone, anywhere in the world, at any time. If you are interested in upgrading your thermostat to a new Smart Thermostat system, look no further than Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing. Our experts are equipped with the tools, skills, and knowledge that is required to properly install a Smart Thermostat in your Akron, OH home. Once the installation is complete, your Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing technician will go over your new Smart Thermostat system with you and make sure you are comfortable with working the system. Don’t wait! Upgrade to a new Smart Thermostat system with Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing today!

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Get 1/2 Off a Tankless Water Heater Or A Free Standard 40gal. Water Heater With The Installation of Select Full New Systems.

Cannot combine with any other offers of discounts.

Valid till: May 31st, 2024

Tom N.
Tom N.
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Very professional young men with a great work ethic. I loved they were personable and knowledgeable. Tyler,Matthew and Joseph preformed an excellent job, thank you gentlemen.
Corey C.
Corey C.
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Apollo came highly recommended and I completely understand why! The entire experience from the initial conversation to installation was great. Ralph did a great job explaining all the details in a way I understood (newbie homeowner here) and the entire service team (Joseph, Todd, & Richard) were promptly on-time, courteous and friendly, and did a great job getting our home back up and running with heat and A/C. Very happy customer!
Amy H..
Amy H..
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Thanks Shawn so much for your help! You did a great job with making sure our warranty was established and all our needs met! He was very professional and took his time explaining the diagnoses as well as any future needs or concerns. Thank you so much Apollo for your outstanding team member!
Geoff B.
Geoff B.
Read More
We recently moved in to the area. We called Apollo for routine maintenance with the idea of looking to replace an old furnace in the future. Jon the maintenance technician was very thorough and explained everything. We found out they had a decent deal on new furnace so we had a new carrier furnace installed a few days later. Also new water heater and thermostat. That crew (Tyler, Todd, Joseph and Austin) we're all excellent. Recommend Apollo.
Justin F..
Justin F..
Read More
AMAZING service! From calling with general questions, to the Technician walking through the diagnosis step by step and laying out the options. Everything was handled professionally and will be using their services well into the future! Benjamin was super insightful and really took the time to diagnosis our house HVAC and solved the issue.

Advantages of Premier Smart Thermostat Installation Services
From Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing

When you entrust Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing for Premier Smart Thermostat Installation Services, you can rest assured that the job gets done right. Our team of specialists are expertly trained with the skills, tools, and knowledge that is required to accurately install a smart thermostat system in your home. Our number one priority is to make sure your Akron, OH home’s smart thermostat is installed correctly and functioning properly. If you are in need of Premier Smart Thermostat Installation, you can count on Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing to get the job done as effectively as possible and never begin any work without your approval first. Call us today to receive more information, get your questions answered, and schedule a Professional Premier Smart Thermostat Installation!

Benefits of Upgrading to a Smart Thermostat System From Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing

There are a ton of benefits of upgrading your traditional thermostat system to a Smart Thermostat. Some of the most beneficial include:

  • Save Money
    Smart Thermostats can save you serious time and money. When utilizing a Smart Thermostat, you can schedule your HVAC system to run whenever is most convenient for your schedule, using the touch of your finger. Because of this, you don’t have to waste energy cooling or heating your home when it is unnecessary. It is reported by Google Nest that you can save around fifteen percent on cooling costs by using a Smart Thermostat!
  • Track Your Energy Use
    Smart Wifi Thermostats allow you to track your energy usage in real time. You can create different profiles in your Smart Thermostat app that inform you of how your energy usage has changed over time, how much this will cost you, and how you adjust your heating and cooling habits to help lower costs on your monthly utility bills. Learn more about how you can save money based on your tracked energy usage by calling Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing about Top Smart Thermostat Installation Services today!
  • Control Your HVAC From Anywhere
    One of the biggest and coolest benefits of Smart Thermostats is the integration of technology and the advantages that can provide your Akron, OH home. With a Smart Thermostat, you can control the temperature from anywhere, whether you’re at the office, in your car, or out of town. Many Smart Thermostat apps will send you alerts and notifications regarding the temperature of your home and if the temperature has changed or adjusted. This can be extremely helpful if you are out of town and don’t have the means to change your thermostat yourself.
  • Adjusts to Your Specific Environment
    Many Smart Thermostats have a sensor that can tell how many people are in your Akron, OH home and can adjust automatically to account for extra or less people in the home. Additionally, these innovative thermostat systems can learn the normal timing and movement patterns of all the family members in your household, and adjust accordingly. This can save you money and help the health of your HVAC system by not overworking it.
  • Seamless Installation Process
    Smart Thermostats are a fairly easy installation process and won’t require much time to complete. When you entrust Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing to install your Smart Thermostat, your certified technician will walk you through the app and how to properly use your new Smart Thermostat system so you are comfortable in your understanding of your new system and answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate – make your life easier and upgrade to a new Smart Thermostat today with Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing’s Top Smart Thermostat Installation Service today!
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Is your homes A/C energy-efficient smart thermostat experiencing issues? Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing is the trusted name in Akron, Ohio A/C energy-efficient smart thermostat installation services near you.

Schedule your smart thermostat installation & replacement cost estimation service today & ensure your energy-efficient thermostat system is running smoothly all year long!

A smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat that connects to your wifi and smart hub. Most smart thermostats can connect to smart home assistants like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple Homekit. Smart Thermostats are great because they can do a lot more than a typical programmable thermostat. Some benefits to a smart thermostat are the ability to adjust to different times of the day remotely, detect patterns and adjust temperatures automatically based on your schedule and the temperature outside, and much more. Smart thermostats can even alert you when you need to change your HVAC filters or service your system. If you are thinking of upgrading to a smart thermostat call Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing for more information.
Like any thermostat, if you lose power, your smart thermostat will not be able to work – but remember, neither will your heater or air conditioner. If you lose your wifi connection on the other hand, your smart thermostat will still be able to function like a normal thermostat. You will be able to control core functions such as heating and cooling functions, but any others that require a wifi connection such as app connectivity, live updates/alerts, geofencing, scheduling etc. will be disabled until your wifi is restored.
Yes, most smart thermostats can measure humidity. Most smart thermostats have the ability to measure humidity and display when your HVAC system is dehumidifying the air in your home. It’s important to note though that if you lose your wifi connection, your smart thermostat will not be able to display such measurements as well as any other features required to connect to wifi.
The amount of savings you can expect from a smart thermostat will depend on your individual circumstances, but most homeowners report seeing an average energy savings of 10-15% per month. Additionally, many utility companies offer rebates or discounts when you install a smart thermostat in your home.
There is a wide range of smart thermostats available, from models that can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or tablet, to ones that offer more advanced features like geo-fencing, which allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms.
Yes, most smart thermostats are designed with user-friendly features and an intuitive interface. Most models also come with a mobile app that allows you to control your thermostat from anywhere. However, some more advanced models may require additional setup or programming.

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With courteous, expertly trained experts & upfront pricing, you can trust 100% satisfaction guarantees on all Energy-Efficient Home Smart Thermostat Services in the Akron, OH area.