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Heat Pump Repair

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When you need Heat Pump Services, trust your local experts at Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing. We keep our promises to you by sending our professional, insured, licensed and certified experts to you. Our experts have the skills, knowledge, and tools to fix most Heat Pump problems on the spot – quickly and correctly.

When your Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing technician arrives at your home they will explain all of your options before starting repairs so you can make informed decisions before any work begins. We provide Heat Pump services and repairs on most brands of equipment, regardless of age, so you can trust us to perform a professional Heat Pump job. See what our local Akron, OH customers are saying, read our Customer Reviews & Testimonials. Call us today at (330) 325-4543 for service including after hours and for emergency services.

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Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing is Proudly & Professionally Offering Heat Pump Services in the Akron, Ohio area.
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Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing Provides Top-Rated Heat Pump Repair Services In Akron, Ohio
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Expert Heat Pump Repair Services You Can Trust Near You in Akron, OH

Your heat pump is one of the most overworked pieces of equipment in your Akron, OH home. While regular HVAC units switch between the air conditioning unit and the furnace, your heat pump has to work all year long and because of this it is likely to run into issues down the line. If you suspect your heat pump may be suffering, don’t sweat it – Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing has your back for all Heat Pump Repairs! Our experienced team of heating professionals will come out to your Akron, OH home, assess and diagnose your heat pump, and provide you with the appropriate solution before beginning the actual repair. If you are in need of Expert Heat Pump Repair Services, call Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing today to schedule a repair!

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Get 1/2 Off a Tankless Water Heater Or A Free Standard 40gal. Water Heater With The Installation of Select Full New Systems.

Cannot combine with any other offers of discounts.

Valid till: May 31st, 2024

Tom N.
Tom N.
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Very professional young men with a great work ethic. I loved they were personable and knowledgeable. Tyler,Matthew and Joseph preformed an excellent job, thank you gentlemen.
Corey C.
Corey C.
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Apollo came highly recommended and I completely understand why! The entire experience from the initial conversation to installation was great. Ralph did a great job explaining all the details in a way I understood (newbie homeowner here) and the entire service team (Joseph, Todd, & Richard) were promptly on-time, courteous and friendly, and did a great job getting our home back up and running with heat and A/C. Very happy customer!
Amy H..
Amy H..
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Thanks Shawn so much for your help! You did a great job with making sure our warranty was established and all our needs met! He was very professional and took his time explaining the diagnoses as well as any future needs or concerns. Thank you so much Apollo for your outstanding team member!
Geoff B.
Geoff B.
Read More
We recently moved in to the area. We called Apollo for routine maintenance with the idea of looking to replace an old furnace in the future. Jon the maintenance technician was very thorough and explained everything. We found out they had a decent deal on new furnace so we had a new carrier furnace installed a few days later. Also new water heater and thermostat. That crew (Tyler, Todd, Joseph and Austin) we're all excellent. Recommend Apollo.
Justin F..
Justin F..
Read More
AMAZING service! From calling with general questions, to the Technician walking through the diagnosis step by step and laying out the options. Everything was handled professionally and will be using their services well into the future! Benjamin was super insightful and really took the time to diagnosis our house HVAC and solved the issue.

Benefits and Advantages of Expert Heat Pump Repair Services
From Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing

When you entrust Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing for Expert Heat Pump Repair Services, you can rest assured that the job gets done right. Our team of specialists are expertly trained with the skills, tools, and knowledge that is required to accurately repair your heat pump. Our number one priority is to make sure your Akron, OH home’s heat pump is repaired correctly and running perfectly. If you are in need of Expert Heat Pump Repair, you can count on Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing to get the job done as effectively as possible and never begin any work without your approval first. Call us today to receive more information, get your questions answered, and schedule an Expert Heat Pump Repair!

Signs Your Heat Pump is in Need of Expert Repair Services From Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing

It should be noted that it is always important to have Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing perform annual Heat Pump Tune-Up and Maintenance Services on your Heat Pump to ensure that it is running properly and lasts as long as possible. The average lifespan of a heat pump is between fifteen and twenty years. By ensuring your heat pump is properly maintained, you can make your heat pump last much longer, saving you money on unnecessary replacement. By properly maintaining your heat pump you can avoid costly repairs before they happen. Signs that your heat pump is likely in need of repair include:

  • Increased Utility Bills:
    If your monthly utility bills have increased seemingly out of nowhere with no explanation, this could be due to an issue with your heat pump. If your utility bills have increased in conjunction with any of the following signs, you should call Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing as soon as possible to have your heat pump repaired and utility bills return to normal.
  • Poor Airflow
    When your heat pump has dirty air filters, dirty coils, or is blocked by other dirt and debris, its blower motor can slow, which will cause poor airflow. If your Akron, OH home is particularly dusty and/or taking awhile to heat, your heat pump may be suffering.
  • Unfamiliar Noises
    Heat pumps are naturally noisey machines, but if you begin to hear loud bangnig, rattling, or screeching noises, this is a major red flag for your heat pump’s operation and you will need professional assistance from the repair experts at Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing.
  • Foul Odors
    If you notice foul odors coming from your heat pump, you will need to contact Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing right away. Musty and moldy smells indicate that there is a potential mold problem internally while burning smells indicate a major safety hazard. If you smell a burning smell coming from your heat pump, call Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing immediately.
  • Inconsistent Temperatures
    Does your Akron, OH home not ever seem to reach a comfortable temperature? When you turn the temperature up all the way, does it still feel cold in your house? This is likely due to a fan motor or thermistor issue within your heat pump system and will require professional repair from a certified technician at Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing.

If your heat pump is running at full blast with a steady airflow and you’re still cold, then your heat pump is acting up and needs to be checked. The problem could be with the fan or fan motor. There might be some thermostat issues that have to be addressed.

It’s also possible that your heat pump’s electronic control board or PCB assembly is malfunctioning. The thermistor, which signals the main control board when to turn the compressor on or off, could be failing as well.

Main Factors and Components of Heat Pump Systems

There are four main components of a heat pump system. All required repairs for heat pumps typically fall into one of these four categories or types:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion Valve
  • Evaporator
  • and Ductwork

    Common Heat Pump Issues and Costs That Require Professional Repair Services By Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing

    Thermostat and Temperature Repairs
    • Thermostat Wiring – fixing broken wiring in your thermostat is a fairly easy repair and is normally an affordable repair.
    • Defective Standard Thermostat – when attempting to fix the wiring within your thermostat fails, your Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing technician will likely need to replace your thermostat all together.
    • Defective Programmable Thermostat – programmable thermostats are the most complex type to repair and take around an hour for your Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing technician to repair. This is the costliest of thermostat repairs.

      Condenser Replacement

      Heat pumps rely on condenser systems just like standard HVAC systems. Common condenser repair and replacements include:
      • Control Boards – if you notice your heat pump progressively frosting, you likely have an issue with your heat pump’s control board.
      • Timer Motors – typically found on older heat pump systems, timer motors control the defrost mechanism within your heat pump.
      • Refrigerant – low refrigerant levels are a common required repair with heat pumps. When refrigerant levels are low, it results in inefficient heat transfer.
      • Exterior blockages and obstructions.
      • Interior blockages and obstructions.
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Is your home’s heat pump experiencing issues? Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing is the trusted name in Akron, Ohio Heat Pump Repair services near you.

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No, you should not try to repair your own heat pump. At Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing, our experts are required to undergo the proper training and certification processes that provide them with the skills and knowledge on how to handle heat pump repairs safely and correctly. Heat pumps are incredibly complex systems that require extensive knowledge to properly repair. Most importantly, heat pumps run on 240 volts, if not carefully handled, they can cause severe shock or electrocution. If you suspect your heat pump may need a repair, call Apollo Heating Cooling and Plumbing to have a professional heating and cooling expert get the job done safely and correctly.
No, you should avoid switching to emergency heat below 35 degrees. Heat pumps can still provide adequate heat down to negative 10 degrees. The heat pump and the electric back-up heat work automatically. In the event you have oil or gas back-up, you can switch to emergency heat for more comfort, if needed, but be advised it’s much less efficient.
No, it is not necessary to cover your outdoor heat pump. Heat pumps are designed to withstand the elements and covering it can actually interfere with the system and result in adverse effects.
It is recommended to have your heat pump serviced at least once a year. This can help prevent potential problems before they arise, and it also allows experts to catch any small issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems to fix. Regular maintenance of your heat pump also helps keep the system running efficiently, which could save you money in energy costs over time. If you live in an area with extreme weather like snow or ice, then you may want to consider having your heat pump serviced twice a year to ensure optimal performance.
You should periodically check the refrigerant levels in your system, as well as clean or replace air filters regularly. Additionally, you should inspect fittings and connections for any leaks or damage, and ensure that all outdoor components are free of debris build-up. If you’re not comfortable performing these tasks yourself, most companies offer maintenance plans in which they will come to your property and perform the necessary maintenance for you.
It’s important to make sure you find a company that has experience and expertise in dealing with your particular brand and model of heat pump. Additionally, it’s also beneficial to research customer reviews and get quotes from multiple companies before making your final decision. Doing this can help you ensure that the service provider you choose is reliable, experienced, and offers competitive pricing.

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